Jenny Lee is a letterer and designer
 residing in Nashville, Tennessee.


Let's be friends.

I'm from a small town in the creative mecca of south Alabama (that's a joke). I majored in design without having a clue what it was when I started college. Thankfully, it clicked and I realized I was in the right spot. After college, I worked for an agency where I learned a lot about what I didn't want to do. Went to Europe for the first time, and haven't been the same since. Decided to throw caution to the wind and use all the money I saved up for a new car to move to Nashville for three months to intern at Hatch Show Print. No regrets. It changed my life, and set me on a path to making work true to me. Moved back to Pensacola, Florida and freelanced while I travelled as much as I could. After a couple years, I had the opportunity to move to Nashville to work for Ramsey Solutions as a senior product designer for EveryDollar.

Along the way, I found lettering. It started as a fun thing to do, and became an obsession soon. I love that it is a vehicle to spread a message. I love the identity of being a designer, but to be honest, lately I'm not sure how much titles matter. I love making connections, and explaining complex ideas simply and in a beautiful way. So, whatever that makes me is cool with me.


I've never been afraid of taking on things I don't quite understand. I'm deeply curious. I love making new friends, and enjoy the art of a conversation. I love books that make you better, and made a site for that. More than anything, I want life to be more than mediocre. And I want yours to be too. Let's make something interesting happen.